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A Fascinating emerging concept in fashion is the use of fabrics which are woven not from man-colored fibers, but instead from fibers that grow naturally already in different colors.


Scientists believe that naturally colored cotton had been cultivated as far back as 4,500 B.C. and that it was widely used by the Incas and other old civilizations, making Colored Cotton at least as old as its widely popular white counterpart. The Colored cotton employed in our collections is the result of years of research by EMBRAPA ( Brasilian Agency for Agricultural Research). Cotton already born colored is found in the green, brown, beige and ruby colors. These basic colors can be influenced in hues and tones by environmental factors such as type of soil, water regimen, and sunlight. The Colored Cotton you see in our garments comes from a very small region in Northeastern Brasil where it is processed into the various fabrics and yarns used in the garments you see here.


The concept of sustainability is based on the premise that people and their communities are made up of social, economic, and environmental systems that are in constant interaction and that must be kept in harmony or balance if the community is to continue to function to the benefit of its inhabitants— now and in the future. A healthy, balanced society (or nation, or community, depending on the strength of one’s magnifying glass) is one that can endure into the future, providing a decent way of life for all its members—it is a sustainable society. Sustainability is an ideal toward which to strive and against which to weigh proposed actions, plans, expenditures, and decisions. It is a way of looking at a community or a society or a planet in the broadest possible context, in both time and space.


Our company is one of the affiliates of Natural Cotton Color Group is premised sustainability. We plant, harvest and weave the raw materials we use and that, besides the organic certification, does not require any chemical treatment. Our accessories and needlework results from regional artisans workers that are inserted in the context of globalization, without imposition of global standardization phenomenon. Under the social bias of sustainability, the Group uses the work of local inmates, liaising with the prisons to decrease the workers sentences. For every three days worked the sentence is reduced by one day. We supply raw materials, guidance and fair payment for produced accessories. Helping them, we have items of great beauty and sophistication.

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  • RUBRAROSA is a registered trademark micro-industry founded by a young mum, Graça Lyra Vieira, designing clothes specifically for young kids ages between 0-12 years old. As with all busy mums these days, Graça manages to juggle her passion for children fashion as a designer and at the same time sharing her role as a mother of 4 kids and a housewife. She started by designing clothes for female clients and decided to do a course in Fashion Design in 2007 at the local College. She completed the course with flying colours and at the beginning of 2008 and was invited to become part of the Alogodão Colorido Natural co-operative specialising in clothes made of organically natural coloured cotton.

  • This co-operative has a concept to be kind to the environment, to support local skills and to be against child labour. This has strengthened her beliefs and made her more determined to help the local communities and maintain local skills. She employs a small number of seamstresses and lace making artisans from local community on her designs. Her children collection has been quickly recognised by ABIT, an Institution that supports export quality goods in Brazil, for its unique designs and its quality by export standards. Since then her collection has been exhibited in several trade exhibitions in Brazil. Previously the co-operative exhibited in Madrid and Prêt a Porter - Paris, with great feedback from visitors.


    Graça Lyra is specializes in Fashion Styling and Production from the Centro Universitário de João Pessoa -Unipê. She has Degree in Psychology with specialization for Psychologist Training from the Universidade Federal da Paraíba-UFPB and Technician Fashion Production by Fundação de Educação Tecnológica e Cultural da Paraíba - Funetec/PB. Act in Rubra Rosa Ltda as fashion designer and she has been providing services as Technical Instructor Educational of Vesture - SENAI CEP ORC - Odilon Ribeiro Coutinho.


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    The group Natural Cotton Color, works exclusively with fashion products made from cotton that is naturally colored. Our product is developed and has the support of the Brazilian Agro company – EMBRAPA, who developed[...]

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    NCC, founded in 1995, is specialized in womenswear. In 2003 the owner, Mrs. Francisca Gomes Vieira, facing competition from China and Brazilian economic problems, decided to form a group of small companies, which[...]

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